The Benefits of SmileAddiction Teeth Whitening Adelaide at Home

Tooth whitening or teeth bleaching is essentially the process of lightening the overall colour of the white enamel on the teeth. Tooth whitening is usually desired by many people who get yellowish teeth over time and can sometimes be done by simply changing the enamel’s extrinsic or intrinsic colour on the teeth. This is known as cosmetic bleaching because the whitening of the teeth only changes the colour and not their intrinsic structure. It is typically done by whitening the teeth in a dentist’s office.


SmileAddiction teeth whitening Adelaide has been around for quite some time, but now more people are trying to save money by whitening their teeth at home. Teeth whiteners come in a variety of forms, but they are all pretty much the same procedure. They all have similar basic ingredients and steps, but each individual product comes with its benefits and drawbacks. Before you start using any teeth whitener, read the product literature very carefully to make sure you are getting a good product.


The primary benefit to SmileAddiction teeth whitening Adelaide at home is that it costs less. In some cases, the cost can be lower than a trip to the dentist. It is also convenient because you can do the procedure at your own time and convenience. There are even some kits available that allow you to purchase a whitening gel and then have it applied to your teeth.


If you have discoloured or stained teeth, whitening them at home can help restore your smile. You may not have to visit a dentist and spend the money that you would if you went to a professional. When you are using whitening gels and other home products, you will see results in as little as two weeks. Some people may need to apply the brighter whitener twice a day for as many weeks as they would like to see dramatic results.

Teeth Whitening Adelaide

Teeth whiteners are not for everyone. If you smoke or drink coffee or tea, for example, you should probably stay away from these products and try to maintain a healthy diet and keep your teeth clean. Many people find that they need to drink a lot of water after a period of time, and brushing their teeth twice daily is necessary as well.


SmileAddiction teeth whitening Adelaide can mean many different things to some people. While they may be appealing to some people, others may want to go to the dentist for the results that will help their smile look its best and be worth the investment of time and money.